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Jason Christopher is a poet & photographic artist who lives in London. He also uses the pseudonym of Christopher Maxum for his photography and blogging. 

Exploring the world of photography, photographic art, and poetry.

My work currently includes a personal 'surreal and conceptual expression of spiritual and religious subjects' . My other interests primarily include landscapes, nature, culture and cities. I believe in protecting our planet and environment.
I have been exploring black and white photography and enjoying its deep moods that colour can sometimes overide. Vivid colours remain of great interest because of their ability to stimulate the minds eye and ilicit many uplifting feelings, much of my photography is greatly colour stylised and this has been my endeavour here.
I enjoy nature, urban scenes and landscapes, romanticised reality and vivid colours, as well as seeing the glowing effects of sunlight.. the contrast of light and dark... reflections and glistening light... deep dark and sombre shadows. ​
Much of my photography includes digitally artistically worked photography some of which has taken many hours, if not many weeks, to achieve - photographic art. All pieces are my own original artistic work and own personal photography!!
​I write a blog that might be a bit off the wall or closer to reality than most, depending on how you centre your reality...
I enjoy writing my own free style poetry - my original themes included Angels and demons, God, deities, and Jesus Christ, light and darkness, life and death, passion and emotions, surreal worlds, humour, fables, thoughts of who and what we are, spiritual well being, and journeys of the mind and soul... and of course, wacky humour and utter nonsense in which I find balance and laughter...  
All of my poetry is non biographical / non autobiographical and is intended to create illusions of reality and illusions from inside the minds of others!
I often write in the first person for greater impact to the reader so they can see themselves within the poem - as the subject itself. Often there is imagery, symbolism and metaphor. Often there is not. Sometimes there is rhyme.
I simply use my own emotions and imagination to conjure up scenes and states of minds.  I like to provoke thought and evoke images, emotions, journeys and memories... And that's basically it!! Each poem is just a moment...
More recently some of my poetry has been a comment on humanity - greatly influenced by world events. There is also often a spiritual and religious content in the main and sub text.
Parody has impacted greatly to convey the full picture of sexual abuse, corruption and the lives in depravity, please don’t be offended if you are spiritual in focus...
All photographic & art images, writing and poetry copyrighted by international and UK law
COPYRIGHT  ©Jason Christopher  ©Christopher Maxum
all rights reserved, and may not be reproduced, copied, redistributed, resold, manipulated or used without prior permission, thank you for respecting copyright: images may be used as illustration in my poetry works and art publications, and other works authored or co-authored by myself, Jason Christopher. Contact me if you would like to sell or buy or even publish or illustrate.